Building our growth engine

Long time no email - small update

Hey there!

It’s been a long time since I last sent an email update, but I’ve been heads-down building June.

Over the last year:

  1. we’ve grown consistently

  2. fixed our product retention & activation

  3. built a team of 4 of the best engineers I know

We’re now reaching the point where it makes sense to start accelerating our growth, so over the next months I’ll be building our customer acquisition engine.

One of the first experiments I’m running is with some of the amazing Makers I’ve met over the years. The idea is to run moonshot creative projects that blur the line between engineering and marketing.

As a first project, I managed to convince my long-time internet friend Sergio Mattei from Makerlog to build some iOS widgets for June.

The result of this first month of collaboration is this Product Hunt launch:

Here’s a link to the launch:

I’d be suuuper grateful if you could spread some 💕💕💕

Chat soon


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