Connecting more dots

Intelligence is the ability to compress knowledge.

If you find patterns between seemingly unrelated things you can remember more things using less space.

  • You know ice has higher volume then the same quantity of water

  • You also know that ice is slippery if you walk on it

You learned these things in different contexts. So you likely didn’t connect the fact that walking on ice means exercising pressure on ice, turning it into water, making you slip.

There’s immense pleasure in learning how the lines between different subjects and lived experience don’t exist.

City of God

Top notch cinematography.. and a story so absurd that it could’ve only been real


After SpaceX and Palantir, Anduril is the third unicorn startup in the defense space in the last 20 years.

They made a cool video last month:

Life update: A couple of days ago France went on full lockdown, so I’ll be spending all of my time at home either cooking or coding.

Also some amazing things happened this month that I’ll be able to tell you about in the coming months ✨