UPDATE: Unemployed, in Paris starting a company

I'm back writing a monthly newsletter!

Hey there, I’m back!

If we haven’t talked in a while it’s because I forgot how to use the software I made to send my newsletter 🤦‍♂️

Anyways here’s a TLDR of what changed in my life since the last email:

  • I moved to Paris - Let’s meet up if you’re ever here

  • I quit my job at Intercom

  • I started working on a project with Enzo Avigo, a friend from work. We’re building a template based Product Analytics software - The idea is that most product teams don’t have expertise in analytics, but would benefit from having a better understanding of what happens inside of their product without having to wait for an analyst!

  • I’ve been reading a lot more essays and fiction books! My favourite being A Lover's Discourse: Fragments by Barthes and The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

I also wrote some interesting things (here are some ranked by interestingness):

Here are two of my favourite things right now:

Muze - A chat app to vibe (reply for the testflight invite, iOS only)

Here’s how it looks like

I think the future of chatting, especially when dating someone is going to be less around words and more around moodboarding and vibing within a conversation. Text messages aren’t playful and emojis are now lame and corporate

Dau - The Dau is an insane art project started in 2008 that involved 352,000 people over 6 years simulating living in USSR. These non professional actors were cut off from the outside world and fully immersed in this alternative reality.

There’s hundreds of hours of movie that came out of this project, and it’s quite emotionally intense to watch (some rape scenes, orgies, lots of physical and emotional violence). What makes it disturbing to watch is that every moment of it you realise it’s real and improvised.

I find that the idea of creating a fake reality in the world is extremely fascinating, it’s like someone built Westworld in rural Ukraine

If this sounds fascinating to you too, here’s the trailer:

That’s it for August, let’s talk soon,